Recent WordPress Themes – March 31st 2009

Time once again to highlight some of the recent WordPress themes that have been released or updated.

AutoFocus by allancole

autofocus-screenshot AutoFocus is a WordPress theme specifically for photographers looking for a simple and elegant way to display their work online.

KillerLight by killswtch

killerlight-screenshot A dark theme with animation, originally created for It has a javascript-based animated header which fades slowly for a lovely faux-lighting effect. All current WordPress features are supported, including widgets and gravatars.

Prosumer by jauhari

prosumer-screenshot Prosumer Theme is a clean layout that is build with 3 Columns Layout.* Left and Right Sidebar* Widget Ready* Change About text via Admin Profile* Custom Image Header. The CSS, XHTML and design is released under a GPL.

Ali Han Natural by alihan1988

ali-han-natural-screenshot Spring flowers, bird, butterfly, clouds and animals Natural blog theme.

WordPress 2.8 – What to Expect

With the release of WordPress 2.8 scheduled for April (let’s hope it’s not April 1st, that would just be bad) I decided it was about time I took a look at what new features it brings to the table.

As with each WordPress point release there is quite a list of bug fixes and new features introduced so I will highlight a few that I’m most interested in. So without further ado, let’s kick things off…

  • Improved performance for script loading
  • Use SimplePie for widget and dashboard feeds
  • Allow the dashboard widgets to be arranged in up to four columns as set via the Screen Options tab
  • Improved database performance
  • Autosave post/page when pressing Control/Command+S
  • Don’t ask for confirmation when marking a comment as spam

Then there are features that didn’t make it into the WordPress 2.7 release that I would like to see included with WordPress 2.8:

  • Better UI for post revisions, maybe an optional field to say what changed in a version
  • Method for uploading and installing themes directly in the WordPress UI


You can see a complete list of the new features that WordPress 2.8 brings over at

Is there anything missing from the list that you were hoping for?

Recent WordPress Themes – March 17th 2009

Time for a bunch more WordPress themes that have been released or updated recently!

Atahualpa by bytesforall

atahualpa-screenshot Build your own unique, professional and browser-safe WordPress theme: Over 200 theme options, drop down menus for pages and categories, fluid or fixed width layout, 1, 2 or 3 columns, rotating header images, auto image resizing, integrated Feedburner form, 4 extra widgets and more. WP 2.2-2.7 and WPMU. English plus DE, HU, PT, CZ, SI, TR, FR, PL, NL, BG, IT, VN, JP, ES.

Openair by The English Guy

openair-screenshot An easy-to-use and tweak theme based on the blue sky background image. Two columns, widget-ready, gravatar-ready, and SEO friendly

Gear by My Mobiles

gear-screenshot Includes a very customizable banner. Change visibility, banner’s image (includes 6 variations: gear, bird, bulb, user, user2, binoculars), text through an options page. You may also change theme’s background with available 14 patterns. Compatible with WordPress 2.7. Valid CSS & HTML. Theme is ready for localization.

Crafty by Lloyd Armburst

crafty-screenshot Crafty is a WordPress theme designed for people who want an organic-crafted like feel of their website or blog. Everything in this theme, including the CSS, XHTML, and design, is released under GPL (this means that you can do whatever you want with it).

WordPress MU – Fancy Building Your Own Blog Network?

If you’ve ever wondered how blog networks like are run then wonder no more. To create a single self hosted WordPress blog you simply use the open source software available from With many webhosts you don’t even have to go to the trouble of installing the software yourself as services like Fantastico allow simple automated installations which will get you up and running in no time.

This is all well and good but what if you would like multiple blogs all under one WordPress installation, the regular WordPress software isn’t going to cut it, it simply isn’t designed for this purpose. Step in WordPress MU!

WordPress MU (aka WordPress Multi-User or WordPress µ) is the big brother of WordPress, sharing  around 95% of the codebase but with some extra code in place to allow the blogging platform to scale and host multiple blogs. Multiple blogs you say, what are we talking here, 5…10…100? Given sufficient hardware the sky’s the limit. Put it this way, if it works for’s approximately 2.3 million blogs then chances are it can handle whatever you might throw at it!

The great thing is that anyone who has used WordPress before will instantly be at home with a blog hosted on a WordPress MU installation. Each blog can have its own theme and plugins installed just as a regular WordPress installation can, the only limitation here is that some plugins which create their own databases tables or modify core WP tables may not work. Each individual blog can make use of a subdomain or have its own domain pointed at it, WordPress MU is incredibly flexible.

So if you’re looking to build your own blog network and are an experienced user of WordPress then WordPress MU is likely the perfect solution, give it a try.

Recent WordPress Themes March 4th 2009

Everyone loves a change of look, a fresh lick of paint or a bit of a spring clean so with that in mind I’m going to highlight some Wordpress themes that have recently been released or updated.

Constructor by antonshevchuk

Constructor The WordPress Constructor Theme is a many-in-one theme offering six layouts, configured colors, fonts and slideshow functionality. Built for WordPress version 2.7+. One for the tinkering types.

 Blackout by Rajbir Dhaliwal

Blackout Blackout is a plain black, 2 column theme with white text. One for those who like to keep things simple.

Glass by primestrategy

Glass Simple and elegant atmosphere vitriform transparent theme for all WordPress users. SupportsIE6 and IE7,Firefox2 and 3, Opera and Safari. W3C XHTML valid and SEO friendly. Supports Multi Language. One for people who like a clean and fresh look.

Cherry Dreams by Arlain

Cherry Dreams Cherry Dreams is a cute, colorful and vibrant theme with a nice clean layout. One for the ladies or just plain cherry lovers.

Feed Me, Seymour by tinkerpriest

Feed Me Seymour A simple news feed style theme with a fully customizable layout through an easy to use backend interface. Theme options include site width, 1 or 2 sidebars, header alignment, logo uploader, home page number of posts and more. Also includes two extremely useful widgets. Tested on WP 2.7.x. 100% xHTML valid. One for people who like a lot of information on the homepage.

Soho Serenity by raimy

Soho Serenity A Multi Column (1 sidebar, 2 main content colums, 2 right hand sections and 3 footer sections all widgetized) fixed width theme perfect for a showcase/portfolio or scrapbook type site. It features an author info page and gravatars along with Custom Archives, Sitemap, Blog Post and full width No Sidebars page templates. Compatible up to WordPress 2.7 and is XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1 valid right out of the box.

Roughdrive by hgschmidt

Roughdrive Roughdrive is a simple, clean, 2-column WordPress Theme for WordPress systems newer than WordPress 2.7. One for the neat and tidy types.

Twitter on Netvibes

Whilst this isn’t directly related to WordPress, everything in the world of the internet is related and that’s certainly true when it comes down to the many social media platforms out there. So whilst I feel a little guilty going off on a tangent only 3 posts in, I’m going to anyway!

Unless you’ve been asleep over the past year you’ll be aware that Twitter is becoming big news and it seems everyone wants a piece of the action. I recently discovered that there is now a Twitter widget available to place on your Netvibes page. With this in place you can keep an eye on what your friends are up to on Twitter and update your own Twitter status right from your Netvibes page.

It’s a handy little tool and well worth checking out if you’re a user of both Netvibes and Twitter. Something that might not be immediately obvious is that by adding multiple widgets to your page you can actually manage several Twitter accounts all in one place, very handy for those with multiple Twitter personality disorder!

You can find more details and check it out on the Netvibes blog.

Not Everyone is a WordPress Fan

I guess everything in this world has its lovers and its haters and WordPress is no exception in that regard. Web developers working for the infamous Irish low cost airline Ryanair are the latest in a long line of WordPress haters if Jason Roe’s wordpress blog is anything to go by.

It seems that the Ryanair staff didn’t take too kindly to Jason exposing the less than perfect session management on the Ryanair ticket booking website which resulted in him being shown total flight costs of 0.00 EUR. Amongst the verbal attacks directed at Jason is a swing at the WordPress platform too, all good clean fun and the comments section on Jason’s post makes for a good read.


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