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Twitter on Netvibes

Whilst this isn’t directly related to WordPress, everything in the world of the internet is related and that’s certainly true when it comes down to the many social media platforms out there. So whilst I feel a little guilty going off on a tangent only 3 posts in, I’m going to anyway!

Unless you’ve been asleep over the past year you’ll be aware that Twitter is becoming big news and it seems everyone wants a piece of the action. I recently discovered that there is now a Twitter widget available to place on your Netvibes page. With this in place you can keep an eye on what your friends are up to on Twitter and update your own Twitter status right from your Netvibes page.

It’s a handy little tool and well worth checking out if you’re a user of both Netvibes and Twitter. Something that might not be immediately obvious is that by adding multiple widgets to your page you can actually manage several Twitter accounts all in one place, very handy for those with multiple Twitter personality disorder!

You can find more details and check it out on the Netvibes blog.


Not Everyone is a WordPress Fan

I guess everything in this world has its lovers and its haters and WordPress is no exception in that regard. Web developers working for the infamous Irish low cost airline Ryanair are the latest in a long line of WordPress haters if Jason Roe’s wordpress blog is anything to go by.

It seems that the Ryanair staff didn’t take too kindly to Jason exposing the less than perfect session management on the Ryanair ticket booking website which resulted in him being shown total flight costs of 0.00 EUR. Amongst the verbal attacks directed at Jason is a swing at the WordPress platform too, all good clean fun and the comments section on Jason’s post makes for a good read.


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WordPress Things!

Ok, so why are we here on a blog called WordPress Things? Well, in a minute of madness I decided I would start a blog talking about all things WordPress. It has now started to dawn on me that this is perhaps a bit of a crazy idea given that it must be one of the most blogged about topics on the face of the earth but we’ll give it a go anyway!

What could possibly me more convoluted than a WordPress blog hosted on that talks about things to do with WordPress? You know it’s so mad that it might just work out ok.

So what can you expect to see here? For the largest part it will no doubt come down to themes, plugins and widgets that catch my eye but expect to see some more general WordPress and blogging topics covered too.