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WordPress 2.8 – What to Expect

With the release of WordPress 2.8 scheduled for April (let’s hope it’s not April 1st, that would just be bad) I decided it was about time I took a look at what new features it brings to the table.

As with each WordPress point release there is quite a list of bug fixes and new features introduced so I will highlight a few that I’m most interested in. So without further ado, let’s kick things off…

  • Improved performance for script loading
  • Use SimplePie for widget and dashboard feeds
  • Allow the dashboard widgets to be arranged in up to four columns as set via the Screen Options tab
  • Improved database performance
  • Autosave post/page when pressing Control/Command+S
  • Don’t ask for confirmation when marking a comment as spam

Then there are features that didn’t make it into the WordPress 2.7 release that I would like to see included with WordPress 2.8:

  • Better UI for post revisions, maybe an optional field to say what changed in a version
  • Method for uploading and installing themes directly in the WordPress UI


You can see a complete list of the new features that WordPress 2.8 brings over at

Is there anything missing from the list that you were hoping for?


Not Everyone is a WordPress Fan

I guess everything in this world has its lovers and its haters and WordPress is no exception in that regard. Web developers working for the infamous Irish low cost airline Ryanair are the latest in a long line of WordPress haters if Jason Roe’s wordpress blog is anything to go by.

It seems that the Ryanair staff didn’t take too kindly to Jason exposing the less than perfect session management on the Ryanair ticket booking website which resulted in him being shown total flight costs of 0.00 EUR. Amongst the verbal attacks directed at Jason is a swing at the WordPress platform too, all good clean fun and the comments section on Jason’s post makes for a good read.


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