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WordPress MU – Fancy Building Your Own Blog Network?

If you’ve ever wondered how blog networks like are run then wonder no more. To create a single self hosted WordPress blog you simply use the open source software available from With many webhosts you don’t even have to go to the trouble of installing the software yourself as services like Fantastico allow simple automated installations which will get you up and running in no time.

This is all well and good but what if you would like multiple blogs all under one WordPress installation, the regular WordPress software isn’t going to cut it, it simply isn’t designed for this purpose. Step in WordPress MU!

WordPress MU (aka WordPress Multi-User or WordPress µ) is the big brother of WordPress, sharing  around 95% of the codebase but with some extra code in place to allow the blogging platform to scale and host multiple blogs. Multiple blogs you say, what are we talking here, 5…10…100? Given sufficient hardware the sky’s the limit. Put it this way, if it works for’s approximately 2.3 million blogs then chances are it can handle whatever you might throw at it!

The great thing is that anyone who has used WordPress before will instantly be at home with a blog hosted on a WordPress MU installation. Each blog can have its own theme and plugins installed just as a regular WordPress installation can, the only limitation here is that some plugins which create their own databases tables or modify core WP tables may not work. Each individual blog can make use of a subdomain or have its own domain pointed at it, WordPress MU is incredibly flexible.

So if you’re looking to build your own blog network and are an experienced user of WordPress then WordPress MU is likely the perfect solution, give it a try.


WordPress Things!

Ok, so why are we here on a blog called WordPress Things? Well, in a minute of madness I decided I would start a blog talking about all things WordPress. It has now started to dawn on me that this is perhaps a bit of a crazy idea given that it must be one of the most blogged about topics on the face of the earth but we’ll give it a go anyway!

What could possibly me more convoluted than a WordPress blog hosted on that talks about things to do with WordPress? You know it’s so mad that it might just work out ok.

So what can you expect to see here? For the largest part it will no doubt come down to themes, plugins and widgets that catch my eye but expect to see some more general WordPress and blogging topics covered too.