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WordPress 2.8 – What to Expect

With the release of WordPress 2.8 scheduled for April (let’s hope it’s not April 1st, that would just be bad) I decided it was about time I took a look at what new features it brings to the table.

As with each WordPress point release there is quite a list of bug fixes and new features introduced so I will highlight a few that I’m most interested in. So without further ado, let’s kick things off…

  • Improved performance for script loading
  • Use SimplePie for widget and dashboard feeds
  • Allow the dashboard widgets to be arranged in up to four columns as set via the Screen Options tab
  • Improved database performance
  • Autosave post/page when pressing Control/Command+S
  • Don’t ask for confirmation when marking a comment as spam

Then there are features that didn’t make it into the WordPress 2.7 release that I would like to see included with WordPress 2.8:

  • Better UI for post revisions, maybe an optional field to say what changed in a version
  • Method for uploading and installing themes directly in the WordPress UI


You can see a complete list of the new features that WordPress 2.8 brings over at WordPress.org

Is there anything missing from the list that you were hoping for?